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Designation Courses

Designations are specialized credentials for REALTORS®. Designations offer extensive benefits which are continually improved upon and expanded. For this reason, maintaining a designation requires annual dues and continued membership in NAR. Designations have specific core course and elective course requirements, both which may serve as approved education credits toward other NAR credentials.

Certification Courses

Like designations, certifications are also specialized credentials for REALTORS®. The benefits they offer hold high value, but are not as extensive as those for designations. For this reason, maintaining a certification requires only an application fee and continued membership in NAR, but no annual dues. Certifications have specific course requirements which may serve as approved education credits toward other NAR credentials.

California CE Approved Courses

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Continuing Education & Pre-Licensing Classes

Educational Videos

Webinar: Brookside Luxury Homes in Walnut

Webinar: Title Insurance - Everything you need to know

Webinar: The RPA with Ed Estes

Webinar: Sellers Net Sheet

Webinar: Selling HUD Homes

Webinar: Seller's Net Sheet

Webinar: ZipForm Training

Webinar: Loan Bootcamp

Webinar: Buyers Rep Agreement

Webinar: Tri-Counties Legal Panel

Webinar: Sellers Net Sheet

Webinar: Feng Shui for REALTORS®

Webinar: Estate Planning

Webinar: REALTORS® Guide to Probate

Webinar: Residential Purchase Agreement - RPA CA

Webinar: Winning you Listing Presentation

Webinar: Everything you need to know about Title Insurance

Fair Housing Town Hall Virtual Meeting

Webinar: Evictions 101

Webinar: Selling HUD Homes

Webinar: Title Insurance – Everything you need to know

Webinar: Tenant Screening Made Easy with RentSpree

Webinar: John's Rants LIVE on Zoom

Webinar: Seller's Net Sheets

Webinar: Probate

Webinar: RErescue

Webinar: Evictions 101

Webinar: Selling HUD Homes

  • HUD Home Overview
  • Who Can Buy and Sell HUD Homes?
  • Benefits of Buying HUD Homes
  • NAID & Broker Registration
  • Bidding and Submitting Offers
  • Sales Contracts – Back-up Bids
  • Buyer Select Program (BSP) & EMD Instructions
  • Advertising HUD Homes

Webinar: Title Insurance - Everything you need to know

Instructor: Jerry Wu
  • Title Insurance 101
  • Different Ways of Holding Title
  • How to indentify red flags on the Preliminary report
  • and much more!

Webinar: Landlord Tenant/ Property Management Class

Instructor Tony Lam takes you through the latest updates and laws for landlords and your tenants.

Webinar: 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange

1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange webinar taught by Tony Lam, Tony reviews the fundamental basics and Terminology of a 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange

John's Rants LIVE

In this video, Association Counsel John Giardinelli covers the following key topics: Proper Use of COVID-19 Forms, New Forms coming in June, CRMLS Clear Cooperation Policy, and Proposed Legislation affecting real estate

Advanced Contract & Useful Contractual Clauses

This class was taught by Tony Lam and reviews the new COVID-19 forms and useful contractual clauses. He explains these clauses and why you might find them helpful to you and your clients.

Southern California Economic and Housing Market Update

April 22, 2020 – C.A.R.'s Research & Economics team have put together a fantastic video update, where Chief Deputy Economist Jordan Levine shares how things are shaping up in the economy and California’s housing market in the Southern California region.

Economic Forecast and Legal Update from C.A.R.

Gov Hutchinson
Jordan Levine

Download the handout

COVID-19 Environmental

Best Practices for showing property during COVID-19 and a review of the new COVID-19 Forms

Download the handout

General Membership Meeting

As we continue to practice Social Distancing, we held our General Membership Meeting on April 15, 2020 as a Webinar. We have provided a recording of the event as these topics are so important to our members way of doing business.

Dr. Jessica Lautz
NAR's Vice President of Demographics and Behavioral Insights

John Giardinelli
Attorney at Law

Tim Shaw and Christine Schachter
Government Affairs Directors

John's Rants – New Year, New Laws!!

John's Rants – Rent Control