Supra eKey offers Two Levels of service to choose from.

eKEY Basic -
All-in-one tool to lighten your load

Get Organized with a Smartphone
Streamline your life with productivity tools—calendar, contacts, memos, tasks and much more. Over 30 different Palm® or Microsoft® Windows Mobile™ 5.0 or later handheld devices are approved for use as an eKEY.

Go Wireless for Increased Efficiency
If you choose a Smartphone your key will update wirelessly. (Since wireless availability varies by location, most can also be updated using your PC and Internet.)

Customize Your KeyBoxes

  • Set access hours as you take a listing—separate hours for weekdays, Saturday, Sunday
  • Beam specific showing notes, listing highlights and your business card into your iBoxes
  • Track your KeyBox inventory right on your Smartphone
  • Send buyer feedback to listing agents
Save Time Using the Networked System
If you’ve had showings, you will see a message when you update your Smartphone. Log onto the KIM Web site to view showing details.

eKEY Professional -
Increase Sales with More Information

Save Time Every Day
Agents who use eKEY Professional can save at least 30 minutes a day. Enjoy all the benefits of productivity tools and KeyBox functions plus information at your fingertips.

Always Have Your MLS Information with You
When you update your key, the system sends fresh information right to your eKEY. Wherever you go, you’ll be able to:

  • View Hot Sheets
  • Search listings five ways, including address or MLS listing ID
  • View maps connected to listings at the tap of a button
  • Find current contact information for other agents
  • Read showing details right on your key
  • Calculate mortgages on the spot
Better Service for Your Buyers
eKEY Professional allows you to create a mini-profile for each of your buyers on your Smartphone. You’ll be able to meet your buyer’s ever-changing needs wherever you are. Every place becomes your office.

Additional Information on Supra eKey

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